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Project start
Design of the forms materials development
Interface with best swiss watches movements manufactures
Analisys and definition of the watch performance
Born a suspension concept

partnership with danitrial in offroad motorace
Development of suspension project
Movements test
material test
 -Structural stress: carbon fiber - magnesium - ergal - titanium
 -Treatments and painting process development
Working phase development
 -Cnc working
 -Hand working
 -Laser process
 -Carbon fiber working
One-to-One protocol creation - exclusive ro-ni process
 -Hand made pieces with human total control - perfect tolerance in coupling parts - piece for piece
Born RS System - first ro-ni suspension system
 -carbon fiber antivibration system
Prototyping phases
 -Process prototyping Production test Components prototyping

Born RS1 System
 -press-flexion carbon fiber antivibration system
Carbon fiber cut process development
Development working process for tmp (code name) material
 -Ultralighter material and stability in all temperatures
Complete watches series:
 -RACE: chrono m-s-h-flyback-date
 -RAPIDE: chrono m-s-flyback-power reserve indicator-date
 -PURE: chrono m-s-flyback-gmt-date at 6h - rose gold
 -ADVENTURE: chrono m-s-h -gmt - date
 -ALPIN STAR: gmt-date
 -WHITE SOUL: moon phase - date - rose gold
 -ATLANTIS: grandate-diver
all in private collections
Race partnership with danitrial
 -Italian Trial championship
 -Europe Trial championship
 -World Trial championship
 -Wathces in use for hard test in race: RACE - ADVENTURE First series
Born R1 System by ro-ni
 -carbon fiber vibrations absorber for back bridges
Born all-in-one dial by ro-ni
 -Complete production of the finished dial without moving the piece - perfection of centering
Start new project -handling watches system project - 3 degree of freedom
Start R-T-1 project - the hyperwatch -new project with the new concept: Handling R
Creation a special screws by ro-ni - titanium gr.5 - ergal
Change the brand RO-NY in RO-NI in according with competitors

New watches series:
 -RACE: chrono h-m-s high-performance with RS1 + R1
 -ATLANTIS: gran date diver high-performance with RS1 + R1
 -RAINBOW WHITE ONE: skeleton with RS1
 -TEMPESTA: skeleton ultralight 38gr with RS1 system
Complete handling watches system project
 -handlingR: - New concpet of 2 case in oscillant space  - Carbon suspensions Start Test handlingR
BORN R-T-1: the hyperwatch
 -handling Revolution –handlingR–
 -36gr of weight (complete with strap)
 -tourbillon with 0 sec* retard in 24h
 -titanium minimal bridges
 -carbon fiber hand made by ro-ni
 -all tailormade parts -one-to-one production protocol
 -hand built
Test R-T-1 in all conditions
Development of a special wacth case
 -carbon fiber and localized kevlar - exclusive race product
 -available only on special request
Development a new process for RO-NI materials
Test new system: hand paint on carbon fiber inside case
Start of a new project: R-T-R (code name)
Research for a new limits of a ro-ni hyperwatches
Project of handling evolution concept (reserved)
Start test materials for RT1 SUPERLEGGERO
Start project for HANDLING RS

Tailor-made component for R-T-1 - production complete
Development project R-T-R (reserved)
Introduction of new technology for material processing for RT1 SUPERLEGGERO - bridges-plate-hands: all in carbon fiber
Development HANDLING RS
Start Development of new straps - 3d synthetic material
Start the hybrid project: carbon fiber electronic control
Perfectionament of production process one-to-one - new technology
Complete test on new materials
 -carbon fiber HD
 -carbon fiber - wood
 -glass fibers
 -carbon fiber + absorber ptx
 -carbon fiber with calibrated sintering graphen - prototype
 -carbon fiber - kevlar
 -All materials are exclusive product process by RO-NI
 -Checks performed with professional accelerometers
Test materials for hand paint on carbon fiber outside case
Start project for complete revision of the tempesta model
Test gold materials for RT1 model

Complete the new Sintered Graphene Carbon - CG-30-S
Complete handling rs for RT1
Atlantis and Race models in development and refinement
Development project R-T-R (reserved)
Revision of materials for RT1 SUPERLEGGERO: hd carbon fiber
Complete project phase for innovative strap
 -Expanding strap in titanium and carbon fiber (patent dep.)
Partnership with Go4Racing sa
 -Swiss Porsche Cup: watch test in the race
Partnership with Giovanni Castiglioni
 -Brand Ambassador
Project and construction of new R-T-1 GC giovanni castiglioni
 -New design - special handling RS - gold parts
Development new technology for hand paint on carbon fiber outside case - cnc work and hand painting
Introduction new technology for gold decoration on the carbon
 -fiber suspension: flexible gold dust decoration
Introduction new technology for micro painting on carbon fiber in
 -microgel printing with flexible paint
Development new RS1 movement for new tempesta model
 -skeleton in titanium
Development new components for tempesta model and new design
 -test all materials: synthetic - carbon fibers - precious metal
 -test colors for all materials
 -test wr for all materials
 -test painting in all colors for hand decorations
 -introduction test precious stones: aerospace bicomponic fixing
Final test for complete case tempesta model - without motor

Development project R-T-R (reserved)
Complete phase 1 for RT1 SUPERLEGGERO - motor completed
bridges + plate + hands in carbon fiber in one watch unique in the world
Project revision of superleggero case - aerodynamic technology
Evolution of new straps in 3d synthetic material: lightness project
Development the hybrid project: work in progress
Complete project phase for innovative strap
-Expanding strap in titanium and carbon fiber
Partnership with MV AGUSTA SPA
-cration of the watch for the 75 anniversary
Partnership with LUALDI TEAM swiss - racing with ferrari -
- 488 challenge europe - test watches in hard race
Complete the new TEMPESTA model
Complete the mv agusta watch - RMV
Create the TEMPESTA PRINCESS - gold and diamonds
Create the TEMPESTA LUPIN - synthetic fibers and precious stones
Completed the new hitech case for tempesta - tmp code name
-ultralight and anti-shock elastic case
Development and Production of superleggero first case
- aerodynamic technology - AR-T
-creation a micro wind gallery
Test a new materials for second case of superleggero
Start Partnership with Sofia Goggia—olimpic & world ski champion

Development project R-T-R (reserved) - go on
Complete RT1 SUPERLEGGERO - weight:22gr - Handling RSR 4D
Complete RT1 + - carbon case with 1+1stones
Complete RT1 K- carbon case with stones
Complete RT1 C-type - gentleman racing
Complete RT1 R - pure racing - hands and bridges in carbon fibers
Develompment new case carbon wood antivibrations
Evolution of new straps in elastic synthetic material: ultralightness project
Partnership with Sofia Goggia—SKI world championship dh winner
Complete the new TEMPESTA R
Create the TEMPESTA R+
Create the TEMPESTA MONARCH - gold and diamonds
Create the TEMPESTA MONARCH+ Sofia Goggia

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